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Our Unique Framing System – Another great reason to choose Shutter Outlet

Not only are our custom shutters designed to fit and frame your specific room, here at #ShutterOutlet we have one of the most innovative frame systems in the industry. Let us explain in a bit more detail…

Most conventional frames incorporate the use of magnets, which may deteriorate more quickly over the lifetime of your shutters as you open and close them. Unlike these frame systems, ours incorporate spring-loaded pressure caps, which are a stronger and more durable way to construct high-quality frames.

Coupled with your custom shutter order, you’ll have a complete package which meets both your expectations and your budget.

Need more even more reasons to believe? We’ve got you covered (literally):
  • Quality window shutters increase the value of your home
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No warping, cracking or discolouration (like traditional wood shutters)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Waterproof
  • UV stabilized vinyl
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Discounted shutter prices

For more information about our home improvement projects to enhance the quality of the interior atmosphere in your home with the best value shutters, contact us today.

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